Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental/Vision Coverage

If you are self-employed, retired, in the process of switching insurance plans, or simply need coverage because your employer doesn’t offer dental insurance, then we can help you accommodate your individual and family dental and vision needs.  We partner with select dental and vision carriers of various sizes to consolidate the best options to save you time and money and to assist you in choosing your trusted provider.  We can offer you a budget-friendly supplemental insurance plan that can easily be added to your basic health insurance plan.  Our dental and vision plans allow you to choose your own dentist and eye care center, or choose plans with a “Network”.

Let our knowledgeable and expertly trained team assess your concerns and pair you with the most cost-efficient provider that will assist you through Preventative, Basic, and Major Dental Care.

  • Preventive and diagnostic dental/vision care.  Preventive and diagnostic dental care encourages regular basic services such as cleaning, checkups, x-rays, and other dental procedures that are meant to discourage tooth and gum disease.  Vision insurance allows you to have regular eye exams and can even provide help for you to have corrective lenses.
  • Basic dental care.  Basic dental care varies from one provider to another, but most consider procedures such as fillings, tooth extractions, fixing chipped teeth as basic dental care procedures.  Our team can evaluate your current and future needs to match you with the provider that offers the procedures that you are currently aware of and even those future problems that you might not see yet.
  • Major dental care.  Major dental care includes procedures such as dental surgery, orthodontics, denture work, and other large and therefore costly procedures.  This specific coverage requires some planning ahead that our experienced and proficient team can help you prepare for.

Vision plans can be purchased in conjunction with a dental plan or as a stand-alone plan.  These plans cover both exams as well as eyeglasses and lenses or contacts. 

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