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Insurance Advantage, LLC , was formed by three seasoned professionals with experience in business management, technology, and human resources with an emphasis on the hospitality industry. We have helped our clients find benefit packages that are tailored to both the size and needs of the company while focusing on customized service and follow up.

The Insurance Advantage team is not an impersonal website or 800 number. Our team meets with clients face to face, one on one, to understand their challenges and provide the best solutions.

At Insurance Advantage you won't just hear from us when it’s time to renew your policy or when your premium is due. We stay involved with you throughout the year. Our focus is to help small and large businesses manage their health insurance needs and provide the best solutions for employees.

Our Process

Individual – With our knowledge of the Affordable Care Act and Marketplace for Individuals, we assist our clients in obtaining subsidies, understanding the various health insurance carriers, insurance plan designs, and the network of providers.  This allows our clients to select the best insurance plan for them and their family.

Business – Managing health care costs is more than asking your broker once every year, "Can we do better than this quote?" It's about gaining an accurate accounting of the healthcare dollars your employees are spending, the health habits and risk factors of the employees you're covering, as well as the costs you, as en employer, are incurring as a result.

With the advent of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and the changes it has brought, it is important to be fully informed when you are looking to renew your employees’ healthcare plan so that you are in a position to identify specific but affordable benefits which help to keep your employees healthy.

Our History

Insurance Advantage was formed out of our desire to provide affordable health insurance to companies and individuals. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges and needs of businesses large and small. As individuals, we understand the challenges and needs of individuals and businesses large and small.

We have a firm belief in providing customized solutions for all of our clients’ employee benefit needs, and we won’t stop until you’re satisfied with our solutions and our service.